Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Easy Tips To Keep Your Diet On Track:

Our days are busy. We feel guilty when we over eat or don't have time to exercise. How do we keep our diets and exercise programs on track? How do we stay motivated and keep a positive attitude? Here are a few easy tips:

1. Don’t set unrealistic goals. Commit to eating well for a 1 week. When you have accomplished that goal set a new goal of 2 weeks and so on. Every time you reach your goal you will have a sense of accomplishment.

2. Eat well and exercise not to just look good but to feel good too. When you add a small amount of exercise like walking into you daily routine along with making healthier food choices, you will soon see how much better you feel. Use this as your motivator and keep it up.

3. Move on after a mistake. We all overindulge now and then. Sometimes more NOW than then but forget about it and move on. Follow any overindulgence with several healthy meals and snacks. This will ensure that you are eating healthy food most of the time. And don't feel guilty. Realize that you made a bad choice and move on. Feelings of guilt propel us back into our old bad habits.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast at home before you start your day so you are not tempted to indulge in the unhealthy treats along the way like doughnuts, bagels with cream cheese, and lattes. Keep healthy alternatives at home and work like Kashi oatmeal and cereal, and snack bars. If you can't drink your coffee without loads of sugar, flavored syrups and whipped cream - skip the coffee!

5. Toss the junk food and restock your cupboard and fridge with almonds, fruits and vegetables, Soy Joy or Kashi Bars. Have cut up fruit and veges on hand so that they are easy and convenient to grab. And do the same at work. Having a bowl of grapes washed and ready in the fridge makes for an easy, healthy snack.

6. Drink lots of water and green tea. Avoid sodas of any kind.

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