Friday, February 27, 2009

Letter I sent to the show The View today

This is totally off topic. I will do a "real" blog entry later today but I got so mad as I was watching the view I sent the show a letter! This is a copy of what I said:

I have been watching The View for years. I really enjoy the show and look forward to watching it when I am home during the weekdays; however, I have decided that I can no longer watch or be a supporter of the show. Although I have disagreed with a lot of the politics that are discussed on the show I have always agreed with the point that the show is called “The View” and therefore gives the opportunity for different women with different backgrounds to express their opinion.

Today on the show Joy did her Month in Review. She ended the show by calling former President Bush an a**. Although I know it was done in humor, I think it is completely disrespectful, anti-American and shameful. Whether you agree with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, whether you agree with President Bush’s politics or not, he was our President and deserves some respect. We are a society that is losing civility to one another and to have on television, a popular TV host calling our former President a profane word is disgraceful. I will not watch the show any longer until a formal apology is made.

We need to set a better example for people. We need to be more respectful of who is in office whether you agree with them or not. We are Americans and need to come together regardless of our political views and be a united front. This starts with respect. The show needs to clean up its act and the hosts need to set a better example of how we should behave towards one another.
A Former Viewer

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  1. Amen, sister!! I stopped watching the show a while back for the very same reasons.