Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Disease Fighting Foods

There is some controversy surrounding soy products. For the most part I have always heard that soy is good for you. As someone who had "surgical menopause" and does not take Hormone Replacement Therapy, soy products were recommended to me by my doctor due to the natural estrogens found in soy to help with symptoms related to menopause. I drink soy milk, eat tofu, and eat snack bars that contain soy. I think along with regular exercise, a healthy diet, good sleep habits, and having soy in my diet, I have not had any symptoms from menopause that would require me to resort to medication. It's not the same for everyone but it has worked for me.

There is fairly strong evidence that soy plays a part in heart protection and helps to lower cholesterol. The isoflavones, naturally occurring plant compounds found in soy, show some of the same characteristics as human hormones, and may help protect against breast and colon cancer, may ease menopausal symptoms, reduce risk of heart disease, and improve bone health.
The negative comments I have read about soy surround not eating soy if you have estrogen related breast cancer.
But most of the articles I have read consider soy a "Super Food" and recommend including it in your diet for the added benefits of heart protection, cancer protection, and relief of menopausal symptoms.

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