Sunday, August 2, 2009

Are All Diets Created Equally?

According to an article in Consumers Reports on Health...researchers assigned 811 overweight adults to 4 different diets with varying amounts of carbs, fats and protein. After 2 years it didn't matter which diet they were on as long as they cut calories.

What does that mean for us? If you want to lose weight...move more, eat less! We need to develop the habit of eating smaller portions, add more fruits and vegetable into our diets, switch from white rice, bread and spaghetti to the whole grain varieties, and most of all...add small amounts of exercise into our daily routine.

That does not mean we have to hit the gym everyday or train for a marathon. Simply add 10-20 minutes (to start) of walking into your routine most days of the week - I have been known to walk around my house at night after I put the kids to bed if I have not had the opportunity to exercise during the day. You can increase your walking time as you get stronger.
But remember...start small...don't make unattainable goals, and reward yourself with small gifts when you reach each goal...a new book, lipstick or pedicure (round of golf for those guys).
Here is a great sight to view when figuring out portion control:

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