Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Healthy Kids Drinks for Back to School

If your kids take a sack lunch to school you have a little more control over what they are eating and drinking.

What your kids are drinking at school is as important as what they are eating. If you pack a juice box in their lunch, make sure they only drink 100% juice. I know it can cost a little more but if you are not buying 100% juice your kids are getting tons of artificial ingredients and sugar packed into one little box.
Most juice boxes contain:
*Only 10% real fruit juice
*High-fructose corn syrup
*Only 20% of recommended daily value of Vitamin C
My two favorite brands are Juicy Juice and Minute Maid 100% Juice. I have found both at Target and Market Street.
If they buy school lunch encourage them to buy low-fat milk or bottled water and discourage sodas of all kinds.

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