Monday, August 24, 2009

Healthy Lunch Choices for Mom (and dad)

Now that we have the kids all squared away and back to school it's a good time to make some healthy lunch choices for us moms too. No more chicken nuggets or mac-n-cheese with the kids. Sorry!

In the past I have posted items I thought were good lunch choices so I will continue to add on to that list. Today I tried something new:

Healthy Choice All Natural Sweet Asian Potstickers Frozen Entree. Here is what I thought:

The flavor was good; It was easy to prepare (when putting something in the microwave gets to be too much work than we know we have more to worry about than what we are eating for lunch); It was the right amount of food for lunch.

Here more of the good facts: It provided 50% of our daily whole grains needs and 20% of daily vegetables and was only 380 calories. It was full of antioxidants, was low in saturated fat, and provided 6g of fiber which help to promote digestive health.

So all in all - A good, easy, healthy choice for lunch.

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