Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wheat and Multi-Grain Pasta Vs. "Regular" Padta

Eat This Not That


Today for Eat This Not That I choose “Regular” Pasta vs. Whole Wheat or Multi-Grain Pasta. Sometime it’s just about making the small changes in our diet. You can’t be expected to change your whole lifestyle all at once. Long-term changes need to come bit by bit, by making small adjustments one at a time.

When I first switched my family from regular or “white” pasta to whole wheat, I did it little by little. I started mixing the two pastas together for the first few times and then after a few meals I completely switched to the healthier pastas and had no complaints. Now I did have to go through a few different brands before I found one everyone loved.

Eat This: Whole-wheat pasta or Multi-Grain is generally known to be better for you because whole-wheat pasta contains the entire grain seed. Whole-wheat pasta contains vitamins, minerals and fiber, some of which are lost in the refining process when pasta is made from refined and processed flour.

My favorite choice is Barilla Plus. It is a Multi-Grain Pasta that is high in fiber, protein and Omega-3.

Not That: Regular Pasta/Spaghetti: Try to stay away from “regular” spaghetti. It is made from refined grains, and striped of its nutrients.

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