Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wheat bread Vs. White Bread

Eat This Not That

Eat This: 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Not That: White Bread (Any Kind)

I know most of us have thrown out our loaves of white bread long ago. If you haven’t it’s never too late to make some easy changes that will make a world of difference in your diet.

So you ask “Why is white bread bad?” For one, it didn’t start out white. A bleaching process was incorporated into bread making to give flour and the bread it makes a longer shelf life. During the process of bleaching most of the vitamins are lost, as well as the essential wheat germ and bran, which leaves only poor quality proteins and fattening starch. White bread is then “enriched” to put nutrients back into it. Why all this work? Why can’t we just leave food to be food?

I can honestly say that I cannot find the perfect wheat bread on the shelf but I am not willing to start baking my bread from scratch – yet. Here are a few choices I like:

Nature’s Own Honey Wheat Berry Bread or 12 Grain Bread; Pepperidge Farm Natural Whole Grain Bread; Archer Farms 100% Whole Wheat Honey Bread.

**Make sure they say 100% Whole Wheat**

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