Monday, January 5, 2009

Stumped By Trans Fat?

What is trans fat?

Trans fatty acids are formed when manufacturers turn liquid oils into solid fats. Trans fats are found in 40% of the products on supermarket shelves.

Why is trans fat bad?

It increases the risk of heart disease and raises LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. Eating just five grams per day ups your risk 25%.

Always check your food labels. Some foods may claim to be low-fat but they have trans fat in them. Here is a list of foods to be careful of - read the labels before you purchase:

1.Spreads like margarine and shortening
2.Packaged foods: Cake,muffin and cookie mixes
3.Fried Food (esp. fast food like fried chicken and french fries)
4.Doughnuts and other baked goods (cookies, crackers, muffins)
5.Some brands of microwave popcorn
6.Some frozen foods (pies, pizzas, chicken pot pies)

What to look for when reading your label:Any packaged goods that contains "partially-hydrogenated vegetable oils", "hydrogenated vegetable oils" or "shortening" most likely contain trans fat.

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