Thursday, March 25, 2010

4 Unhealthy Snacks

When I find simple,  to the point articles,  I like to share them.  This is a great list of 4 snacks that we need to avoid. The list includes soft drinks - both regular and diet.  Don't be fooled because the drink is diet - there is nothing healthy about them and in fact diet drinks can actually help make you add on extra pounds!

  1. Doughnuts. High in sugar, trans-fats, calories and refined flour, doughnuts are not only bad for your waistline, but bad for your energy levels as well. The high sugar content is likely to end in a midday crash. If you crave a doughnut, try a piece of whole-grain bread with some jam and peanut butter instead.
  2. Soft Drinks. There just isn't anything nutritious about soda, whether it's diet or regular. Instead of a soda, try some sparkling water with a bit of fruit juice - you'll get the carbonation without all the empty calories.
  3.  French Fries. Actually anything fried - from chicken to potatoes to onions to cheese - should be avoided. Deep-fried foods contain altered fats that are detrimental to the body. If you want finger foods, opt for carrot and celery sticks.
  4. Instant Soup. Very high in sodium, instant soup generally offers little health benefit in proportion to its sodium count. Your total daily intake of sodium should not exceed 2,400 mg and one serving of instant soup contains around 500 mg (some kinds of Ramen-style soup are even worse, offering up about one-third of a day's recommended sodium.) A better option is low-sodium vegetable broth with part whole wheat and buckwheat noodles such as Japanese soba or udon.

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  1. We have donuts about once or twice a year and it's a huge treat. Except this time we figured out that it made us feel pretty awful.