Thursday, March 11, 2010

Natural Home Remedies

There are lots of home remedies we can use for minor ailments.  Here are a few I wanted to share:

  • Olive Oil for Eczema: Olive Oil is packed with natural anti-inflammatory antioxidants that when rubbed directly on skin can help moisturize.
  • Milk to Help You Sleep:  Your mother was right!  Warm low-fat milk before bed can help you relax.  Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that can help you to relax.  Just like the after Thanksgiving Slumber.
  • Ginger for Stomach Aches: Boil a few pieces of fresh ginger root in water, strain and drink like a tea.  It is a natural way to relieve stomach aches, morning sickness, and motion sickness.
  • Soy for Hot Flashes: Soy contains isoflavones - plant based compounds that have natural estrogen like activity.  Some research suggests (and also my Dr.) that soy may help maintain hormone balance during menopause.
  • Lemons for Detox: Add lemon juice to your water first thing in the morning for a natural way to detox your liver.  Also considered a diuretic, lemons are  thought to aid in urinay tract infections and to flush out bad toxins in the body.


  1. Thanks for sharing these, and also for all the work you put into researching and writing these helpful posts on your blog. My wife and I enjoy reading and learning new things from your blog, Lisa!!!

  2. Thank you! I am so glad you are enjoying the information. I love researching and sharing the helpful information and recipes I find.