Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is Microwave Popcorn Bad for You?

I am a huge popcorn fan.  I have an air popper and I love to use it and add just a little bit of melted butter and salt.  Repeat - Just a little bit!   But most of the time I go for the easier, more convenient kind - microwave popcorn. 

So is microwave popcorn bad for you?  I recently read an article from drweil.com that had some not so great news for the microwave popcorn lovers:

"Not only are most microwavable varieties loaded with artificial flavors, sodium and fat, but they can expose you to chemicals that are added to the artificial butter flavoring and used in the lining of microwavable popcorn bags".  Yikes!!

But I do think there are some healthier microwave versions.  If I am going to indulge I Prefer Newman's Own  Popcorn Brand.  They use all natural ingredients and no trans fat.  Another reason I like Newman's Own  - The company donates all profits to charitiy and have given over $280 million since 1982.


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