Monday, November 15, 2010

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

I admit it!  I am a chocolate lover!  Almost every night after dinner I want just a little something to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Now I think most health professionals (which I am not) would tell me to break the habit and to not eat dessert at all.  Dessert should be a once in a while, special occasion thing.  Well even though I agree with that for the most part – I still have a sweet tooth to satisfy and life is too short!

So what is my compromise? One or two squares of high quality dark chocolate a night.  A few things to note:  true dark chocolate needs to be of high quality and made up of at least 70% cocoa and portion control is the key.  One or two squares at the most. 

Why is dark chocolate healthy?  Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, has been shown to help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, and can help stimulate endorphin production, which makes us feel happy.

But one thing to remember, eating too much of anything, even healthy dark chocolate, can lead to weight gain which would cancel out any of the health benefits chocolate has to offer.  So go ahead – indulge – but just a little!

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  1. CANNOT live without dark chocolate. Off to check out the rest of your blog!